Exxon Tarh Pars Company

Exxon Tarh

Preparation and implementation of various architectural projects

Exxon Tarh Pars Company

Exxon Tarh

Supervision of urban architectural and installations projects

Exxon Tarh Pars Company

Exxon Tarh

Decorate and interior design projects


Exxon Tarh Pars

Engineering and Consulting services

Exxon tarh activities


We provide full range design and engineering services trough a flexible multidicipline engineering organization and by allocating task force team.

Architectrul design

We have the skills to successfully take your project from site evaluation and programming through all phases of completion, including interiors and architectrul design 3D modeling.


Exxon Tarh consulting and engineering services is a full-service and multi-disciplined EPCM (Engineering , Procurement and Construction management)

Supervision project implementation

Exxon Tarh has executed or cooperated in execution of various industrial projects including engineering and design.

Exxon Tarh Pars Company is one of the Exxon International Group companies that operates in fields of design, consulting, architecture, interior design and interior decoration.

Founded in 2003, Exxon group is a privately held engineering and construction company providing design, management, procurement and construction services to develop and build projects for customers both in Iran and overseas.

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Exxon Tarh Pars

  • Work process

    Design and Architecture Group of Exxon Tarh Pars, after referring and visiting the site of the project by reviewing the application requirements and taking into account the available and available resources of the employer, outline the overall framework of the design and then designing with the new and specialized software architecture And modeling the project. In the next step, according to the employer's tastes and finances, and with full knowledge of the material and domestic and foreign goods prices, the project starts at a cost proportional to the employer's budget.